Woongoolba State School – Australia

Woongoolba State School is a small rural primary school set amongst cane fields off the Pacific Highway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The school has existed on its current site since 1876 with a number of the original building still used to this day.
It was this strong community and architectural heritage that governed the aesthetic encouraged by the project stakeholders. JCP completing the project as part of the Contractors Design & Construct Team sought to deliver a design that ensured the focus of the school remained on its historical buildings, whilst providing a simple architectural outcome that achieved the necessary functional requirements. The funding provided under the Building the Education revolution was shared amongst a number of new projects including a New Resource Centre and Covered Play Area in addition to covered pathways connecting the new works to the existing infrastructure.
The Resource Centre which formed the majority of the new work was setback from thaw main school although visible from the street. JCP following direction from the stakeholders developed the design to be sympathetic and considerate the school history. The pitched roof was designed to mimic the surrounding buildings whilst materials and colours further enhanced the holistic approach to connecting the old and the new. Landscaped gardens mixing both hard and soft landscape provide breakout opportunities directly accessed from the Resource Centre. These learning courtyards as is a necessity with small schools offer flexible uses as both a teaching space but also importantly as play spaces. Although the new buildings are clearly paying homage to the existing heritage buildings – the aesthetic link is strong and from the street view provides the school with a more articulated and cohesive campus.

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