Toowoomba City Library – Australia

James Cubitt Architects Pty Ltd (JCP) in Association with Peddle Thorp Architects (PTA) were appointed by Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) to undertake the  design of the  new  Toowoomba City  Library and  Civic  Square. Working partnership with  key  design collaborators including Place Design Group, the project has sought to provide the city  of Toowoomba and  the region itself with  a technologically savvy, ESD  considered, contextually appropriate and  socially aware community facility. Knowledge, information, and  technology have become key  ingredients in the  shaping and  advancing the  quality of  life  for  our  communities and  a successful community is  one  in  which people can  easily access new  information, learn and  acquire skills. The  Library’s role  in  providing functional, flexible and memorable space lies at the heart of the process of reinvention for the Toowoomba City  Library.  As a hub  for the region the building has been designed to provide a place, in which people can interact, research, read, relax and  be  entertained. The  primary objective of  the  project is to  provide space for  the  relocation of  the  Toowoomba City  Library due  to  redevelopment of  the  current building. In relocating the  library TRC  benefits from the  opportunity to modernise library service delivery to the  Toowoomba community and  create an  integrated Civic  building that  engages with  the  people through the  creation of  not  only  the  library but  a  set  of  unique community spaces and  purpose designed civic  square.

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