Timor – Leste Hospitals – East Timor

The majority of the health care facilities in East Timor were built during the Portuguese and Indonesian periods of rule and during the latter period many more facilities than were necessary or could be maintained were constructed. During the violence of September 1999, however, it is estimated that 77°/o of the country’s health facilities, including hospitals and health centers, were damaged, and 35°/o were completely destroyed. The contract between the Ministry of Health (Republican Democratic De Timor-Leste) and James Cubitt & Partners (JCP) for the Design and Construction Supervision of Hospitals is therefore a significant component in the reconstruction of health facilities in Timor-Leste. The project includes for the rehabilitation and expansion of Dili National Hospital, the design and documentation of a new Central Laboratory Complex and the design and documentation of three District Hospitals. James Cubitt Architects (JCP) also have the responsibility of supervising the construction works for Dili Hospital and the Central Laboratory complex. One of the prime considerations in the design process is to provide appropriate and cost effective designs, which are to remain sustainable, given MoH expenditure constraints in the larger term. There are also varying climate considerations, ranging from hot and humid conditions along coastal zones, as opposed to cool and less humid conditions in mountainous regions.

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