Sogenal Head Office – Nigeria

This 15-storey building will be a landmark when completed due to its form: sails on two facades projecting beyond the roof parapet, mirroring the sails on the nearby Lagos harbour, and a spire rising well above the building. Scenic lifts are situated and enclosed behind a curtain wall where the two sails meet, offering panoramic views of Ikoyi. Another distinct feature of the design is the elevated podium parking on the ground and first floors, necessitated by the space constraints of the site. The building will be a mixed-use development of offices and residential apartments primarily targeted at expatriates and top executives. A bank will be accommodated on the ground floor; the second to eighth floors will be lettable offices; the ninth to twelfth floors will be two-bedroom apartments. Above this will be a restaurant and fitness centre. The penthouse will accommodate the Sogenal Managing Director’s office and apartment.

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