Sea Horse Resort – United Arab Emirates

Al Gharbia District set up fundamentals or guidelines to establish the Master planning scheme of Mirfa a small township that can be an excellent Tourist Destination with its vast and beautiful Beachfront and Land Gradient. Mirfa is a small township with a population of approximately 15,000 people located 160 kilometers west of Abu Dhabi city. The town is a residential and tourist centre that was established in the 1970s under instruction from His Highness Sheikh Zayed. Mirfa boasts a large power plant and a desalination plant that can produce up to 38 million gallons (143 million liters) of water per day. There are several projects being carried out in the areas of construction, farming and fishing.
Proposed projects as per the Al Gharbia vision for Mirfa: Sports centers, maritime centers, abattoir and sheep farmyards, mosques, grand mosque and cornice facilities, and education facilities for boys and girls, police department, central soUnited Kingdom, Mirfa hotel expansion, Food distribution centre and other developments under the mandated Vision of Al Gharbia 2030. Along with this scope James Cubitt and Partners prompt to develop the coastal area in Mirfa with its own project components inside the proposed development and called the project as the SEA HORSE RESORT.

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