Sanglah Hospital – Indonesia

Following the devastation of the Bali bombing on the 12th October 2002 it became apparent that the quality and level of health services available in Bali was inadequate to support the local population yet alone the mass injuries sustained by the victims of a terrorist attack. The Australian Government approved an offer of financial support to the Indonesian government in order to improve the level of health services available and provide a practical, living memorial to the victims of the Bali Bombing. The project consists of new and upgraded facilities at Sanglah Hospital, comprising a new two storey Intensive Care Centre consisting of an Intensive Care Unit and Coronary Care Unit.Further development included a Burns unit and Burns Operating Theatre, new medical wastes incinerator, upgrading the hospital water supply capacity and the refurbishment and upgrade of the existing morgue.James Cubitt & Partners (JCP) has gained invaluable experience from working throughout the Pacific and Timor-Leste completing a number of successful projects for AusAID and DFAT.It was through this ability that JCP were successful in being awarded the Sanglah Hospital Project. This sensitivity has led to the creation of a modern sophisticated hospital that reflects the local construction techniques and the traditional Balinese architectural style.

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