Salalah Water Park – Oman

James Cubitt and Partners Abu Dhabi design for Dhofar Municipality, Salalah, Sultanate of Oman for its WATER PARK Development based on municipality’s requirements. The Proposed Site is currently open space with current development nearby, the Al Muraj Theatre in northeastern part, Municipal Festival Center in the southeastern area, also the Heritage Village; the client also established the proposed alternative site for the Water Park in between the Al Muraj Theatre and Municipal Festival center. Main roads and temporary roads are visible in perimeter site, main roads are directly connected to the Major thoroughfares which are the Atin Road and the Al Rubat Road which is the Al Rubat road is grid type major road inter‐connected to all road networks going in and around the municipality. The land is ideally suited to develop a Water Park, but first and foremost, it is a very good idea to have it renamed from just a mere Water Park to a somehow catchy and more mind piercing Tag name, branding it as the likes of Aquaventure and/or Wild Wadi in the United Arab Emirates. (This will come later, after brainstorming from the design team). It is envisaged that the development will provide the following:
-Establish the area (Water Park) as one of the “looking forward to” water park development in the area.
-Alleviate the overall density of the current nearest city plan.
-Making the Water Park a Tourist Destination
-Making it an Income Generating Facilities (Water Theme Park)
-Architectural Landmark in term of Water Park Facility in the area/region.
The development of this water park site provides the opportunity to create a new tourism precinct along the coast providing a major new tourism destination in the Sultanate of Oman, specially in the Al Salalah area. It is also envisioned to follow the general rule in designing Water Park, meet the client’s need as much as possible, and respect the municipality’s ordinances and implementing rules and guidelines under the proposed project’s scope.

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