Pwani University College – Kenya

Pwani University College was established in 2007 and is a young university by world standards.  However, now with approximately 2400 students and 217 staff, Pwani is already leaving its mark and is increasingly being recognized as a leader in research, teaching and learning.   The culmination of this master planning  process early  in  the development of  the University  continues to  demonstrate its resolve and  focus on following the footsteps of the great universities of the world.  We believe that this document demonstrates our ambition to become the location of preference for research, teaching, and learning. The Pwani University Master Plan represents close to two years of wide consultation with stakeholders both internally and externally coupled with several phases of work in the development of a comprehensive framework plan for the University’s future.  The Master Plan focuses on improving and increasing academic, research and administrative facilities, fostering student-based learning and enhancing student environments, strengthening the university’s capacity to promote private and public capital funding and identifying improvements and efficiencies in managing the physical environment and its further development.

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