Ombudsman Building – Solomon Islands

JCP were engaged by SKM to undertake the design of the new Ombudsman Building as part of the Infrastructure Works associated with RAMSI’s. The project sought to utilize an existing 2 storey building located at the rear of the proposed site and create an internal courtyard through the design of a new 2 storey building fronting the main street access. Critical to the project was budget – requiring a design outcome that minimized cost whilst providing a new, more structured building capable of accommodating both open plan and office based areas. The building being public in nature also incorporated a large entry / waiting space necessary to deal with visitor numbers during peak periods in the day. JCP worked closely with key representatives from SKM to achieve a building that captured the tropical aspects of its environment and location whilst retaining the vibrancy associated with the Solomon Islands. The use of bold colour was a strongly encouraged by the stakeholder group who were seeking a unique and distinct outcome. The Ombudsman building again utilized locally available resources and labour to achieve a design grounded in its place and location and understanding the desires of its Stakeholders.

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