Northern Entry Redevelopment
University of New United Kingdom – Australia

The Northern Entry Precinct is the main gateway into the heart of UNE’s Armidale Campus. Its axis links key student areas into the University’s main court connecting Dixson Library and Booloominbah, UNE’s historical centre. The Northern Entry project has been designed to create a bold statement about the future direction of UNE and its desire towards the integration of contemporary design, teaching and technology. The access way combines elements of both new build and refurbishment, with the focal point being the intersection of Lazenby Hall with the Northern Entry. The design emphasizes the existing spaces cavernous feel through the creation of a faceted wall and ceiling of gold perforated metal. The use of artificial lighting and natural lighting allows reflected light to create an ever changing effect constantly changing the mood of the space subject to time of day and season. Through a select but limited palette, materials are used to great effect to provide the continuity from the existing formal court through to the Northern Entry precinct. Small follies are integrated into the landscape to create bus stops, an amphitheatre and provide cover during inclement weather. With strong support from UNE the project will seek to redefine the campus and reinforce its forward thinking Masterplan.

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