Cummins Manufacturing Facility – United Kingdom

Darlington had a very basic brief. There were to be two buildings one totally a glass box and the second a windowless box. We believe that this brief was conceived by Cummins and Kevin Roche who as our partner in this overall scheme, he being closer to the client and more known in America he got the plumb of the jobs, being the glass box.
When the project was completed it was in fact our building that received the publicity and the medals and the glass box was just considered a very good and different building because it was constructed in Corten Steel. It is the Corten Steel construction which is the largest Corten Steel structure in the United Kingdom and perhaps even Europe, that has pushed the building in to its prominence and it is now listed and will be protected for ever and ever amen. The Cubitt brick building We have been making changes to this building for the last 30 years including adding Cubitt designed art in the Main Entrance by hanging large quilts which were specifically designed to improve the acoustics in a very hard durable structure that still says 1960.The major changes within the building were due to product change, such as the complete internal remodelling of the Engine Plant in the 1980’s for the B & C series engines, manufacturing processes and consolidation such as during the late 1990’s early 2000’s, or Health & Safety issues, welfare needs or support facilities such as in 2007 / 2008 bringing life back to the former Component Plant Building for Cummins Emissions Solutions.

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