Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dur Al Kuttab BIT Schools

The BIT-school project was designed to host nurseries and primary schools. The project aim was to establish a high-tech building that adhere to the international standards and local KSA standards to provide the user with a high level of comfort and provide the kids with a healthy and smart environment.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Elite Schools

The project Includes (according to the
educational levels approved by the Ministry
of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabla) the following educational levels: Nursery, Kindergarten, Elementary Level, Intermediate Level, Secondary Level. The proposed project is an educational complex that contains five (5) levels for boys and girls with the GFA of 30,011.67 m2. All the buildings are linked together in a single formation that gives continuity and unity at the same time. It nas an assembly of smaller clusters that are flexible horizontally and vertically to meet all the project requirements.


Grand Stade du Havre

The Grand Harbour Stadium is a multipurpose stadium for 25,000 seats nearly 3,053 business seats and 340 seats in private boxes in 18 lodges. Primarily used for football, but also has a performing arts space, it will be located in Le Havre.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tatweer school -KSA

All proposed designs for this School project for the cities of Jeddah and Makkah are developed to be highly sustainable. The design development pertinent to 3 prototype schools namely T30, T28, T24 and Ancillary Buildings. The sixty schools are including the ages from Elementary grade till Secondary grade, and its Structure is simple and robust.